Best Anti Cellulite Cream

Posted: September 18, 2011 in SEO
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cellulite creamThis post kicks off some SEO for Guam Beauty Pharm, the only authorised reseller of Guam cellulite muds and creams.

This stuff is massive in Italy where it is used by over a million satisfied customers.

The keywords I want to focus on for this project are mainly combinations of the title of this post. E.g. cellulite cream, which gets around 480 local searches monthly in Google at the time of posting.

The next best search term I will try to focus on will be best cellulite cream (210 searches), followed by anti cellulite (170 searches) and anti cellulite cream (140 searches).

They may seem like low search terms. However they are the best ones that will convert to sales, which at the end of they day, that’s what it is all about.

The main thing I will be doing is a bit of blogging, article directories and social media / bookmarking sites. I find a combination of these things get not only the quick results, but the backlinks are long-term. As the creator of the content, I have full control over the links, meaning they will not just vanish overnight.

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