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Since the recent two Google updates – Panda and Penguin, many so called SEO guru’s have gotten themselves in trouble and had sites penalized by Google.

The main issue that some will find is their linking strategy. Keyword density was always talked about but that now extends to sites that link back to you. Too many links that use the same keyword or phrase is not natural, so if you find your traffic dipped since the 24th of April, you may have become victim to the penguin update.

This could be due to links submitted years ago! You may have taken up a deal to get 1,000+ plus backlinks to your site for an absolute bargain. It sounded to good to be true. Well, as you are now discovering, it was to good to be true.

So where to from here? What you need to now do is dilute your back-linking.

For example, if you have a URL that has been over submitted with the hyper-linked text “speed humps” you need to either do one of two things.

1) Try to source more relevant links using similar but alternative words. e.g. speed humps could be changed to something similar such as speed bumps.

2) Request site owner that link to you to remove or reword links. You can find the links from your Google Webmaster Tools and do a who is search to contact the owner.

A great tool for finding similar key phrases is Google’s own keyword tool. This will also benefit site owners that were not affected as you may find yourself getting traffic from more niched key phrases that you were not aware of.

If changing your linking strategy seems to be an impossible task, as Matt Cutts (head of Google’s quality search team) suggests, you could start over. A new site on a new domain then redirect all traffic from the old domain.

While this option would scare almost every site owner, if your business got most of it’s traffic through Google’s organic search before the penguin update, it could be the quickest way to get it back in there.

Doing quite a lot of SEO these days it is very hard to make the time to get out of the house. Have been working on some content about all sorts of bollards from removable bollards to solar bollards.

Managed to get out last weekend for a few drinks with mates and managed to mix a bit of business with pleasure. I now have access to a few people who have great copy writing skills!

I was able to quickly setup a website and drop in a newly created article from one of my copy writers and dadah! I now have a fresh website to create well written articles that link back to the clients website. The site made was called what are bollards? Which incidentally, gets 110,000 global searches in Google per month.

Kind of bizarre that this high competition Adwords keyphrase was still available in .com!

One thing I do love about my SEO gig is how absorbed you can get while doing a link building campaign. While walking in between the pubs of Melbourne on Friday night I was almost unaware of how many types of bollards are all around us, but would otherwise take no notice of. “Is that a top locking bollard…”, I hear myself mutter.

So after a night of drinking … and possibly one too many bollard related conversations it kind of clicked that there are some parts of my work that I should be able to outsource and keep my work to the same high standard.

Content! There are plenty of more talented content writers that I can get to focus on well written articles and then I can distribute the articles around the web.

This should free me up to take on more work or have a social life. But knowing me I will probably just take on more work!

There are heaps of different types of insurance I found today while doing a day of SEO for a local insurance broker called MIB.

I am trying to focus on two main services they do for key phrases. One being public liability insurance, a must have for most businesses in case something goes wrong. The second one is professional indemnity insurance, which is useful in the situation that incorrect or negligent advice results in a court case.

It has been a slow start to this project as we have transferred over domains from to a more keyword oriented domain name –

While the name is much longer, I find that Google and the other search engines, really like keyword domains, listing them much higher with much less work at my end.

Not many of the keywords and phrases I am hoping to get some movement in are even listed in Google. This is great from my point of view. It means I can’t really go backwards, which can happen when messing around with domains and 301 redirects.

Should have some awesome results by the end of this one.

Scrap Metal

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Domain Names, SEO
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Doing some follow up SEO for a past client who is a scrap metal recycling merchant.

Last time they had a massive list of keywords. Now they want to focus on just one …. Scrap Metal.

My previous SEO managed to get them onto page one for that term and they are now very determined to become number one.

So what approach am I taking? I am looking for a fairly long term solution and have purchased a couple of Scrap Metal related domain names to build mini-sites on. One I have hosted over at Weebly and another one I will host on my own servers.

I also realise I bought a heap of keyword related ones a while ago which are gathering a bit of dust. I am thinking of setting them up with a different CMS.

I love WordPress, don’t get me wrong, but I am keen to try out a few different options to see what else is out there.

I have some strong opposition ranked one and two.  But I am not on the clock with this one, so I will just chip away until my client’s website hits the top.

I will be doing quite a lot of backlinking, and if you have somehow come across this post also looking for similar links, drop me a message in the comments section. Maybe we could do a link exchange 😉

First post for 2011. I have upped the hours on the Partyhelp SEO as they extend their services further into Brisbane.

They have two new sites:

These sites have been design by Melbourne web design company GetStarted.

These sites should be fast movers as the domains are 100% match for the keywords we are looking to improve in the search engines.

The beauty of having more sites is that over time you start to become your own competition. That is the great thing about the Melbourne sites and SEO we have done is some of the keywords now have 2 – 3 sites appearing on the first page of Google.

With time we should be able to replicate these results for the Brisbane sites.

As I have talked about in previous posts, I am doing a fair few mini-sites for a party planning company that operates in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Here are a few of them:

As you can see these are keyword domains, set up to rank highly over time for these exact keywords or variations of these keywords.

All sites link to my clients main Melbourne Venues and Brisbane Venues related sites to give strong back links to those sites for relevant keywords.

I use WordPress to set up all my mini-sites these days. Why?

  • It’s fast to install
  • Simple to learn
  • Built for SEO

There are thousands of great WordPress plugins that can be added to make the sites more feature rich, but the in-built features are what I like the best.

Being a popular …. or should I say, the most popular blogging platform. New posts are pinged and usually included in the search engines within minutes.

The post URLs can be set to be very search engine friendly.

Comments (with the exception of SPAM) can enhance the content of your site. For example, I could write a small blog post about New Years Melbourne and get 100+ comments that would introduce extra keywords to my site. It would also be favoured by the search engines, such as Google, for adding to the content. Google loves this!

So if you haven’t done so already, get yourself a:

  • Keyword domain name
  • Hosting (preferably with an IP in the country you are targeting for traffic)
  • Install WordPress
  • Get some back links

You can always add some Adsense or an affiliate program to make money from your hard word 😉

Last night I managed to break away from clients work to focus on my new Australian domain names website – DomainWave.

The great thing about Australian domains, is that the auDA has had such a tight reign on them for years so there are still thousands of awesome second level domain names around.

I myself have been buying up big and am currently my own best customer!

But more about the site…

I set up a reseller account from a well known Australian registrar and have found out a nifty way to customize it though the reseller panel.

I manged to figure out a way to make it all work by setting up hosted on my servers but hosted at the domain name resellers servers. The non-www then points to the www with a php 301 redirect, but I have sub-directories for all of the images, sitemaps, rss feeds etc. to make it likable to the search engines.

I am also going to do a fair bit with AdWords with this one, so sit tight for a future post on Adwords soon!