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I am a huge fan of new web 2.0 article sites such as Hubpages and Squidoo. Any place that allows me to put a handful of keyword tags on my article is a bonus as it increases the amount of exposure to your article in the search engines.

As an SEO specialists, I am always looking for new places to place content. While the mission is to spread content far and wide covering all corners of the internet, you also have to be a bit selective looking for sites that will still be around in a couple years.

Alexa can be a great resource for this. The higher the site’s rank is in Alexa tells you that the site is getting plenty of traffic. Traffic usually means the site is making plenty of money and money keeps the site alive.

The two sites I found this week are very similar to Squidoo and Hubpages, you may even call them clones. That’s how I found them in Google! I was actually looking to make my own similar website. The advantage of running my own article site is people (like me) would add content to them to build up links to their website.

Anyway, I am getting off track again. Here are two web 2.0 sites that you should get some content on. Not only will it be content that you can link back to your main website, but you can also make money from them through popular affiliate programs such as Google Adsense or Amazon.


Great new Squidoo like site. A bit stricter than Squidoo though, you need to submit articles with 400 or more words to get you article accepted. Also, it will know if your article is not very original, so try to write from scratch or you will run into a few issues. With a pagerank of 4 and a Alexa ranking of 24,847 at the time of this post, looks like Wizzley is here to stay.


Sign up for Simple online publishing.Great little Hubpages clone, that reminds me of the early Hubpages days. This one you only need 250 words to get your articles though. It has a Google pagerank two, which is quite good for such a new site. It’s Alexa ranking in 128,574 at the time of posting, but is hugely popular in the US and has increased +1190% in traffic in the last three months and should continue to grow.

I love Google Docs! It’s a handy online way to store and collaborate documents online.

I have been using it for ages but it seems to be getting even better. Much more features (especially with spreadsheets) and a sleeker interface.

I have only managed to use up 51% of my 1 gig free cloud hosting, but will no doubt upgrade when the time comes as the prices are very good.

One thing I have had in the back of my mind for a while now is leveraging Google Docs for SEO. Surely any public documents that link back to a website would be a great advantage to a business? Google Docs has a PageRank of 8!

So the experiment I am conducting is to monitor how Google webmaster tools treats documents stored in Google Docs.

I created a document for one of my current SEO clients. The private link can be found here.

Next Step, convert it to a PDF and upload it back to Google Docs. It is now public with the title Custom Timber Furniture Melbourne.

I hope to do an updated post in the future with results.

This post is a follow up on the one I did for MIB -Melbourne business insurance brokers.

My last post focused on types of insurance and some SEO methods I was going to implement for this project.

The SEO has been quite successful, taking the top position for “Insurance Brokers Melbourne” and moving steadily up the rankings for the prized two – public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

This will be an ongoing project, so there will be more posts to follow with some data captures to show how well the movement is progressing.

This week I have also built up some backlinking through more social bookmarking site. Some I have been using for years, some I have just discovered. Here are some awesome sites to check out – Digg, diigo, linkagogo, bibsonomy, signalwebsite, a1-webmarks. is especially cool, as it carries a pagerank of 6! The links are dofollow so do yourself a favor and get your website on it before the next Google pagerank update kicks in!

Today I want to share with you the secret of gaining backlinks your competitors have using one of my current clients JH Fox Plumbers Kew as an example.

As you can see by the obvious link, that this is the number one keyword I am chasing.

As well, as using my own preferred backlinking hot spots. I like to see what the number one result in Google has in the way of backlinks. Google will not tell me this information, however, Yahoo Site Explorer displays a comprehensive list of links.

baclinks, SEO,In this case, all 309 links except for one are from the same site. Nothing of value can be gained from this sites links.

I then move down the list to to check out sites ranked 2 – 10 for this term. One strong one I found from Squidoo inspired me to whip up a new lens. Lenses are Squidoo slang for articles.

I went for the title, How to pick a good plumber and an just working on the content as we speak .. or should I say, as I type 🙂

The beauty of Squidoo is the freedom you have over your articles. All the links are dofollow, meaning Google page rank can be passed on to your site over time.

The other words I am working with on this project which I present to you in hyper-linked H1 tags to advance their status in the Search engines are …

Plumbers Richmond

Richmond is a suburb right next to Melbourne CBD. Why am I telling you all this? Well I am more so telling the search engines this. They crawl the page and see that the term “Plumbers” and “Richmond” are in the content. Brownie points will also be given for using those words in the title, the URL and the H1 tag. This blog post will then be seen as relevant and should pass on some this strength to the website I am promoting.

Plumbers Hawthorn

Ahhh, makes sense doesn’t it! Both this blog post and the website will hopefully move up a spot or two.

Another important factor that Google uses is Pagerank. Over time, your articles may gain pagerank as a reward for their popularity. Each rank scaled from one to ten holds the power of 10. So a site with a pagerank of 3 is ten times more powerful than a site with a pagerank of 2.

Plumbers Balwyn

Don’t let pagerank scare you off though, it is still quite easy for new sites to move above high pageranked sites if they have great content. If you have great content, update it regularly and find relevant backlinks, then you too can hold a number one ranking in the search engines.

Before I go, I thought it best to share some of the results from my last blog post. I have managed to get to position 7 in Google Australia for my main keyword term of “New Years Eve in Melbourne“, which is quite impressive for two short weeks.

Till next time 😉