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I am a huge fan of new web 2.0 article sites such as Hubpages and Squidoo. Any place that allows me to put a handful of keyword tags on my article is a bonus as it increases the amount of exposure to your article in the search engines.

As an SEO specialists, I am always looking for new places to place content. While the mission is to spread content far and wide covering all corners of the internet, you also have to be a bit selective looking for sites that will still be around in a couple years.

Alexa can be a great resource for this. The higher the site’s rank is in Alexa tells you that the site is getting plenty of traffic. Traffic usually means the site is making plenty of money and money keeps the site alive.

The two sites I found this week are very similar to Squidoo and Hubpages, you may even call them clones. That’s how I found them in Google! I was actually looking to make my own similar website. The advantage of running my own article site is people (like me) would add content to them to build up links to their website.

Anyway, I am getting off track again. Here are two web 2.0 sites that you should get some content on. Not only will it be content that you can link back to your main website, but you can also make money from them through popular affiliate programs such as Google Adsense or Amazon.


Great new Squidoo like site. A bit stricter than Squidoo though, you need to submit articles with 400 or more words to get you article accepted. Also, it will know if your article is not very original, so try to write from scratch or you will run into a few issues. With a pagerank of 4 and a Alexa ranking of 24,847 at the time of this post, looks like Wizzley is here to stay.


Sign up for Simple online publishing.Great little Hubpages clone, that reminds me of the early Hubpages days. This one you only need 250 words to get your articles though. It has a Google pagerank two, which is quite good for such a new site. It’s Alexa ranking in 128,574 at the time of posting, but is hugely popular in the US and has increased +1190% in traffic in the last three months and should continue to grow.