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Doing quite a lot of SEO these days it is very hard to make the time to get out of the house. Have been working on some content about all sorts of bollards from removable bollards to solar bollards.

Managed to get out last weekend for a few drinks with mates and managed to mix a bit of business with pleasure. I now have access to a few people who have great copy writing skills!

I was able to quickly setup a website and drop in a newly created article from one of my copy writers and dadah! I now have a fresh website to create well written articles that link back to the clients website. The site made was called what are bollards? Which incidentally, gets 110,000 global searches in Google per month.

Kind of bizarre that this high competition Adwords keyphrase was still available in .com!

One thing I do love about my SEO gig is how absorbed you can get while doing a link building campaign. While walking in between the pubs of Melbourne on Friday night I was almost unaware of how many types of bollards are all around us, but would otherwise take no notice of. “Is that a top locking bollard…”, I hear myself mutter.

So after a night of drinking … and possibly one too many bollard related conversations it kind of clicked that there are some parts of my work that I should be able to outsource and keep my work to the same high standard.

Content! There are plenty of more talented content writers that I can get to focus on well written articles and then I can distribute the articles around the web.

This should free me up to take on more work or have a social life. But knowing me I will probably just take on more work!