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This post is a follow up on the one I did for MIB -Melbourne business insurance brokers.

My last post focused on types of insurance and some SEO methods I was going to implement for this project.

The SEO has been quite successful, taking the top position for “Insurance Brokers Melbourne” and moving steadily up the rankings for the prized two – public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

This will be an ongoing project, so there will be more posts to follow with some data captures to show how well the movement is progressing.

This week I have also built up some backlinking through more social bookmarking site. Some I have been using for years, some I have just discovered. Here are some awesome sites to check out – Digg, diigo, linkagogo, bibsonomy, signalwebsite, a1-webmarks. is especially cool, as it carries a pagerank of 6! The links are dofollow so do yourself a favor and get your website on it before the next Google pagerank update kicks in!

There are heaps of different types of insurance I found today while doing a day of SEO for a local insurance broker called MIB.

I am trying to focus on two main services they do for key phrases. One being public liability insurance, a must have for most businesses in case something goes wrong. The second one is professional indemnity insurance, which is useful in the situation that incorrect or negligent advice results in a court case.

It has been a slow start to this project as we have transferred over domains from to a more keyword oriented domain name –

While the name is much longer, I find that Google and the other search engines, really like keyword domains, listing them much higher with much less work at my end.

Not many of the keywords and phrases I am hoping to get some movement in are even listed in Google. This is great from my point of view. It means I can’t really go backwards, which can happen when messing around with domains and 301 redirects.

Should have some awesome results by the end of this one.