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I love Google Docs! It’s a handy online way to store and collaborate documents online.

I have been using it for ages but it seems to be getting even better. Much more features (especially with spreadsheets) and a sleeker interface.

I have only managed to use up 51% of my 1 gig free cloud hosting, but will no doubt upgrade when the time comes as the prices are very good.

One thing I have had in the back of my mind for a while now is leveraging Google Docs for SEO. Surely any public documents that link back to a website would be a great advantage to a business? Google Docs has a PageRank of 8!

So the experiment I am conducting is to monitor how Google webmaster tools treats documents stored in Google Docs.

I created a document for one of my current SEO clients. The private link can be found here.

Next Step, convert it to a PDF and upload it back to Google Docs. It is now public with the title Custom Timber Furniture Melbourne.

I hope to do an updated post in the future with results.

Doing a little SEO at the moment for a local furniture store servicing Melbourne and am starting to get the results on the board.

Their website is a static HTML site, which is painful to work with as each page has it’s own file. I am so used to changing all the pages from one file not 20 or so different files! Today I logged in via FTP to add some IMG ALT tags to a couple of images that hyperlink to main pages.

One SEO advantage a static HTML website has over a content management system is that it can load much quicker as it does not have to make requests to a database.

Connected to the website is a Zencart shopping cart which I have made a few SEO tweaks to leverage the 500+ pages of shopping cart furniture items back to the main site.

My keywords this month – Furniture Melbourne, Custom Furniture and Timber Furniture.

Some of the strategies I have been using this week are to take advantage of popular article sites and create some re-spun articles from some of the ones I have received from the client.

How do I re-spin an article some may ask? Manually. It’s the only way to get a decent result that is human readable. I have tried article spinning software in the past with some pretty poor results. For example, my phrase of “how to create custom furniture”, could be translated to “fitting procedure construct within”.

??? WTF! Much better off re-writing the article from scratch and making as readable as possible with only a few SEO tweaks to point back to the clients website.

This has had some great results in the past. Why? Because similar articles link to my content and vice versa. This means that strong similar content is already linked to your article which then in turn is linked to the clients website.

Over time these articles can become even stronger, hopefully gaining page rank and high placement in the search engines.