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I love Google Docs! It’s a handy online way to store and collaborate documents online.

I have been using it for ages but it seems to be getting even better. Much more features (especially with spreadsheets) and a sleeker interface.

I have only managed to use up 51% of my 1 gig free cloud hosting, but will no doubt upgrade when the time comes as the prices are very good.

One thing I have had in the back of my mind for a while now is leveraging Google Docs for SEO. Surely any public documents that link back to a website would be a great advantage to a business? Google Docs has a PageRank of 8!

So the experiment I am conducting is to monitor how Google webmaster tools treats documents stored in Google Docs.

I created a document for one of my current SEO clients. The private link can be found here.

Next Step, convert it to a PDF and upload it back to Google Docs. It is now public with the title Custom Timber Furniture Melbourne.

I hope to do an updated post in the future with results.

jumping castles melbourneGot a lot of great SEO jobs going on at moment, so I will be adding a few post over the next couple of days to highlight each one of them and my strategy for getting some search engine results.

One client is called Bounce around Jumping Castles. I setup a website for the business when I first started out and moved to Pakenham.

I am doing this one as a paid by results job as the keyphrases are not massive search terms but would be huge for a company hiring out jumping castles around the Melbourne metro area.

My Keyphrases, I have 10 of them, but am only focusing on the four that will get the best traffic for my client.

  1. Jumping Castle Melbourne <- Third best keyphrase
  2. Jumping Castles Melbourne <- Second best keyphrase
  3. Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne <- Best search term – main focus
  4. Jumping Castles Hire Melbourne <- Fourth best search term

So two strategies I am aiming for are a couple of mini-sites with keyword domains and a bit of info linking back to my clients site and a bit of social bookmarking, such as Digg, Wedofollow, Mister Wong and so on.

I should be floating around page one on Google Australia for these key phrases within two weeks if my predictions are right. I will do a follow up post to let you all know how the results pan out.